Flora Roudbarani

Flora Roudbarani


  • Master of Arts, York University (in progress)
  • Master of Education, Ontario Institute of Studies in Education
  • Bachelor of Science Honours, McMaster University

Research Interests

My current research interest includes investigating treatment interventions to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities. I am particularly interested in studying emotion regulation, mindfulness, and the role of therapeutic alliance in treatment success.

Published Manuscripts

Albaum, C., Tablon, P., Roudbarani, F., & Weiss, J. A. (2019). Predictors and outcomes associated with therapeutic alliance in cognitive behaviour therapy for children with autism. Autism (Online).

Selected Presentations

Albaum, C., Roudbarani, F., Tablon P., & Weiss, J. A. (2019, August). Therapist behaviours predicting therapeutic alliance in cognitive behaviour therapy for children with autism. Poster presented at the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IASSIDD) 2019 World Congress, Glasgow, Scotland.

Roudbarani, F., Albaum, C.S., & Weiss, J.A. (2019, May). Comparison of therapeutic alliance across informants: Therapist versus independent observer ratings. Poster presentation at the 2019 International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) Annual Meeting, Montreal, QC.

Roudbarani, F., Black, K., & Weiss, J.A. (2018, August). Parent factors associated with mindfulness activity ratings for children with autism. Poster presentation at the 2018 American Psychological Association (APA) Convention, San Francisco, CA.

Albaum, C. S., Tablon P., Roudbarani, F., & Weiss, J. A. (2018, April). Therapeutic alliance in cognitive behavior therapy for children with autism: Predictors and relation to treatment outcome. Poster presented at the 2018 Gatlinburg Conference on Research and Theory in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, San Diego, CA.

Albaum, C. S., Roudbarani, F., Tablon P., & Weiss, J. A. (2017, June). Correlates of common therapeutic process factors in children with autism involved in cognitive behaviour therapy. Poster presented at the 2017 Canadian Psychological Association National Convention, Toronto, ON.


  • 2019 - 2020 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)
  • 2019 - 2020 Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS-M), Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) (Declined)


Email: froudbar@yorku.ca
Twitter: @FloraRoudbarani